Fishman AGX-125 Nylon/12-String Passive Undersaddle Guitar Pickup, Wide format



Brand : Fishman


Fishman AGX-125 Nylon/12-String Passive Undersaddle Guitar Pickup, Wide format

Item Description

Fishman's classic under-saddle ceramic guitar pickup. Like all passive transducers, the AG Series pickups do not require a battery. An impedence-matching preamp is recommended, but not required. This pickup is bright and clear, and provides good feedback resistance.

    *      Includes AGX-125 Pickup for Nylon and 12-String Guitars
    *      Wide Pickup Size (.125" / 3.2mm)
    *      Wide String Spacing (2.312" E to E)
    *      Pickup length: 2 3/4" (about 70mm)     
    *      Includes 1/4" Endpin Jack

The AG Series Pickup is available in Narrow format (.094", 2.3mm) and Wide format (.125", 3.2mm)

The AG Series Pickup is also available in two lengths for the following string spacing:

-Standard spacing (2.125" E to E) for most Steel String guitars
-Wide spacing (2.312" E to E) for most Nylon String and 12-String guitars.