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K&K - PowerMix Pure XT System

About the PowerMix Pure XT System

The PowerMix Pure XT System is a dual-source pickup/pickup combination with external preamp for acoustic guitar. It consists of:

  • Our award-winning Pure pickup (Mini for steel string guitar, Classic for nylon string guitar, or 12-String)
  • Our time-tested FanTaStick pickup (Western or Classic), an undersaddle pickup that delivers unbeatable volume, balance, and clarity
  • The PowerMix Pure XT Preamp, an external 2-channel preamp with amazing mixing capability

If you are looking for the sweet, warm tone of the Pure pickup plus really high stage volume before feedback, look no further. Dieter, K&K's head pickup designer, boss and former pro musician says: "If I would still perform live, this would be the system of my choice."

About the PowerMix Pure XT Preamp

The PowerMix XT Preamp is a 2-channel, belt clip mixer that allows you to blend the two pickups of the PowerMix System. It features extremely low noise operation and can process high input peaks without distortion and offers an incredible dynamic range.

Aside from its strong bass, midrange, and treble filters (for each channel), it offers internal gain adjustments which set the pre amplification factor from 1 to 10 (per channel). This allows you to boost the input signal up to the 10-fold amount. It features two volume controls knobs, two 1/4" inputs, and a line level 1/4" output on the outside of the box. Inside the box, there are adjustable controls for gain, bass, midrange and treble for each channel. The tone controls offer an incredible +/- 20 dB. This is a wider range than some big boards on the market today!

To keep the box as small as possible these controls are trim pots (small potentiometers for adjustment with a precision screw driver which is supplied). Once you've installed the two pickups, you can adjust the trim pots to your personal taste and needs. During performance, the two volume knobs on the outside allow for fast balancing on the fly.

All parts of the system can be installed non-destructively without drilling any holes other than the endpin hole. The components are meticulously phase aligned.

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PowerMix Components

This clip compares the individual compoments of the PowerMix System. Played by Dietri on a Martin DM steelstring acoustic guitar with the PowerMix Trinity System. This is a demonstration of the three individual systems that make up the PowerMix Trinity System: the Trinity (Pure pickup + mic), the PowerMix Pure (Pure pickup + undersaddle pickup), and the PowerMix Trinity (Pure pickup + undersaddle pickup + mic). Recorded and MP3 converted on Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 software.