Shubb Capo Noir for Nylon String Guitar - C2K Black chrome



Brand : Shubb


Shubb Capo Noir for Nylon String Guitar - C2K Black chrome

For nylon string guitar – wide, flat fretboard.

Machined of brass and plated in black chrome, this stunningly beautiful capo will be the choice of anyone who prefers an elegant and inconspicuous look onstage or off.

Introduced in 2005 as a black chrome plated version of our original capo,

The original Shubb Capo is the choice of millions of musicians worldwide.

For more than thirty years the name of Shubb has been synonymous with intelligent design and quality manufacturing. With more than two million capos sold, the Shubb Capo is the first choice ...often the ONLY choice of discerning musicians worldwide.