Shubb Reversible Guitar Slide – AX



Categories : Accessories Slides

Brand : Shubb


An elegant solution to an old problem: how to combine slide guitar playing with normal fretting. The Shubb Reversible Guitar Slide gives you the best of both worlds!


While in use, the brass slide is a hefty, no-compromise tool that features unsurpassed tone and control. When rotated behind the hand (which takes less than a second) it leaves all the fingers free for unencumbered, conventional fretting. It works so well because of the unique 2-piece design: the Delrin “ring” section remains in place on the finger as the brass “sleeve” section is rotated with the thumb. The move is done with one hand, so quickly that it doesn’t interrupt a solo, and any player can master it with very little practice. The revolutionary advantage of the Shubb reversible guitar slide is immediately apparent to anyone who plays slide guitar.

We suggest using the reversible guitar slide on your RING FINGER.

Many slide players have designated their pinky as the slide finger, probably because with the traditional tubular slides or bottlenecks this was the best way to gain some limited use of the other fingers for fretting. Since the reversible guitar slide offers such unrestricted use of all the fingers, we encourage you to consider reassigning the slide to the ring finger or even the middle finger. Most players find this to provide greater control and versatility. It will work just fine on your pinky, of course, but this is a whole new ballgame now and you don’t want to overlook any good possibilities!

Each reversible guitar slide is now packaged with all four ring sizes. No more guesswork, or contacting the company to swap sizes. One product, not four products — you WILL get the fit you want.