Knit Windscreen for Ear Trumpet Labs Microphone



Mic model

Edwina/Delphina Louise/Myrtle/Josephine



Knit Windscreen for Ear Trumpet Labs Microphone

A fuzzy onesie for your mic! Effective windscreen designed to shield Ear Trumpet Labs microphones from windy conditions on outdoor stages and video shoots.

Hand-knit with black eyelash yarn with magnetic clasps for easy application and removal.

Comes in two sizes

- Small for Edwina/Delphina 

-Large for Louise/Myrtle/Josephine


  • Hand made knit windscreen
  • Metallic black yarn matches unique mic design
  • Furry texture effectively shields capsule in high wind
  • Magnetic clasps for easy dressing and undressing of your microphone



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