K&K PowerMix Pure System with Internal Preamp



Brand : K&K Sound


K&K PowerMix Pure System with Internal Preamp


The PowerMix Pure Internal System is a dual-source pickup/pickup combination with internal preamp for acoustic guitar. It consists of:

  • Our award-winning Pure mini pickup for steel string guitar
  • Our time-tested FanTaStick pickup (Western), an undersaddle pickup that delivers unbeatable volume, balance, and clarity
  • The PowerMix Pure Internal Preamp, an external 2-channel preamp with amazing mixing capability

If you are looking for the sweet, warm tone of the Pure pickup plus really high stage volume before feedback, look no further. Dieter, K&K's head pickup designer, boss and former pro musician says: "If I would still perform live, this would be the system of my choice."

The internal preamp allows for precise sound adjustment of each transducer. It features gain, bass, mid, treble and volume controls for each individual channel and uses low-power consumption parts so that the battery life is up to 120 hours. The output jack is a high quality Switchcraft endpin jack, wired so both channels are mixed together for mono use with a standard mono guitar cord.

The preamp can be installed under the sound hole for easy access or hidden deeper inside the guitar. The removable attachment system will not damage your guitar's label. For initial adjustment, we recommend a sound hole placement of the preamp. After you are finished adjusting your personal sound, you can choose to position the preamp deeper inside the guitar. The double volume control element is attached to the inside edge of the sound hole and allows for quick volume adjustment of each pickup channel.

All parts of the system can be installed non-destructively without drilling any holes other than the endpin hole. The components are meticulously phase aligned.