Planet Waves NS Capo Pro, Silver PW-CP-02



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Planet Waves NS Capo Pro, Silver PW-CP-02

Designed for 6 or 12 string guitars
Ultra-light aerospace grade aluminum
Sleek / Fast micrometer screw
Ned Steinberger design
One hand operation
"Silver" anodized finish

The NS Capo is the product of an ongoing collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger and J. D'Addario & Company. It employs a sleek, ultra-light design for fast and accurate one hand positioning on the guitar's neck. Just turn the smooth, tactile dial to eliminate the string buzzing and enjoy perfect, in-tune performance. Lightweight aluminum adds virtually no weight to the guitar's neck when in use. Composed of ultra-light aerospace grade aluminum. Fast micrometer screw assures perfect pressure for buzz-free, in-tune performance at every fret.

Manufacturer Part Number: PW-CP-02