Knobloch Classical Strings Actives SN Nylon Hard Tension



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Knobloch Classical Strings Actives SN Nylon Hard Tension

Series Information
Knobloch´s signature line, ACTIVES, showcase all the hallmarks of their high-quality strings: impeccable intonation, impressive durability, enhanced projection and great playability.

Experience the difference these skillfully crafted strings make, feel the vibration through your fingers. Unleash your musical creativity.

This set is for guitarists looking to boost the projection, brightness and clarity of the bass, without brightening the trebles.

Sound Combination:

The clarity of the Actives Double Silver basses brightens the muted yet sonorous SN Nylon trebles.
With this particular combination, it is important to balance the respective dynamic levels in the different registers, as these basses tend to have more projection than these trebles.
The result is a brilliant, resonant bass sound tapered by a more muted treble sound without losing the richness in the high register.

Treble Strings : SN Nylon Muted - Sonorous

Bass Strings : Active Double Silver: Brilliant - Clear

Model Information


Sonorous trebles darken the brilliant basses
Brilliant, Clear and Muted

Playability : Well-balanced set, easy to play on both the left and right hands