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K&K Violinissimo Violins and Viola Pickup
The Violinissimo is our signature pickup for violins and viola. It has three pickup heads; two bigger pickup heads are wedged between the violin and each bridge foot and the third, smaller pickup head is wedged into one wingslot of the bridge.

The position underneath the bridge feet produces an extremely voluminous and smooth sound because the bridge applies vertical pressure to the piezo crystals. In this spot, the low frequencies and the unique sound characteristics of the violin's corpus are picked up. The pickup in the bridge wingslot adds to the sound's brilliance. Together, the three pickup heads transmit a perfectly balanced violin sound. Other violin pickups tend to over-emphasize the high-end frequencies, but the Violinissimo eliminates this problem from the get-go.

The jack is attached to the string holder with a special dual-lock Velcro adhesive, which is distinctively stronger, more durable, and sturdier than standard Velcro. It can be detached and re-attached repeatedly without wearing out or affecting the pickup integrity.


- Bridge feet transducers:
  - Round 1/2"
  - Height: 1/32"
  - Impedance: High ohmic

- Bridge wing transducer:
  - Rectangular 1/2" x 5/16"
  - Height: 1/32"

- Impedance: High ohmic
- Length of the 3 Pickup connection wires: About 5"
- Jack (Standard model): RCA female

Violinissimo, played by violin virtuoso Rudi Berger via a Pure Preamp into a computer-based audio recording system. MP3 converted on Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 software.