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K&K FanTaStick Western for Steel String Guitars



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K&K - FanTaStick Western

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About the FanTaStick

The FanTaStick is an undersaddle transducer that was developed to stay true to K&K's mission of capturing the most natural guitar sound possible.

Other undersaddle pickups tend to overemphasize the signal from the strings and lose the corpus vibrations that makes a guitar unique. We created a super-light production technique to solve this problem: Only ultra-thin material surrounds the piezo-crystals to ensure that the corpus vibrations reach the crystals with virtually no interference. This means that electronic post-processing to improve the sound is not required. Additional, this production method also has the benefit of making the FanTaStick extremely flexible to fit any arched base.

To balance the volume of each string, we measure each crystal separately within a nano-inch range. Only six crystals of exactly the same height are combined in one FanTaStick. Each crystal is fit in according to a defined direction of polarization. Even playing in "open tunings" is possible, because the FanTaStick can function with lower string pressure than many of its competitors.

The FanTaStick can be directly connected to an amplifier or mixer. However, we highly recommend one of our K&K preamps for optimum adaptation of impedance of this extremely high-ohmic pickup to standard line or amplifier inputs.

Technical Specs

FanTaStick Western (for steel string guitars)
Possible E-e string distance: 54mm - 58mm
Height: 1.6 mm
Width: 2.4 mm
Piezo length : 68 mm
Cable length: 1 ft.