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K&K Aloha Twin Dual Sensor Internal Ukulele Pickup



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K&K - Aloha Twin Dual Sensor Internal Ukulele Pickup w/Jack

The Aloha Twin is an internal double-sensor pickup specially designed for the ukulele. It is based on the same technology as our award-winning Pure guitar pickup.

The Aloha Twin can be installed two ways: With the supplied double-sided adhesive tape in front of the bridge plate (or bridge, if no bridge plate is present) on the inside sound board; or with superglue on a flat bridge plate (or directly under the bridge, if no bridge plate is present). Please note that the bridge plate must be completely flat – it will not work if the bridge plate is radiused, which means it is curved up (e.g. Mele Ukuleles).

Either way, this pickup system has a strong output signal and works nicely even without a preamp. Please keep in mind when playing without a preamp, the result depends somewhat on the quality and type of the amplification equipment. For more tone control, the external Pure Preamp would be a great choice with its clean musical EQ and small size.

Technical Information
Pickup head diameter (each): 1/2"
Height: 1/32"
Impedance: High ohmic
Length of connection cables: 6 inches.
Jack: Quarter inch female endpin jack (requires 1/2" hole)