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K&K - Onboard Trinity Mini

Pure pickup, internal mic, and onboard preamp.
About the Onboard Trinity Systems
The Onboard Trinity System is a dual-source pickup/internal mic system with an onboard preamp for acoustic guitar. It consists of:
  • Our award-winning Pure Pickup
  • The Trinity Microphone with integrated 5" gooseneck and 20-20.000 Hz frequency range
  • An internal 2-channel preamp with individually adjustable gain-volume-bass-middle-treble controls for both pickup and mic channel

The system arrives fully assembled with TRSS stereo endpin jack wired in mono, so a standard guitar cable can be used. No soldering is necessary. The system also includes a Velcro-mounted battery holder and a volume control unit with individual thumbwheels for pickup and microphone. The volume control is mounted on the inside edge of the sound hole.

Installing the Onboard Trinity System
The preamp circuit board is installed inside the guitar with Velcro. It measures only 2.5" x 2.75". The circuit board has a metal shield/backing but it is fully open to the top to allow for adjustment of the EQ trimmers. It is designed to be preset to perfectly balance the pickup and mic in your guitar. It offers powerful +/- 20 dB EQ without the necessity to cut a hole in your valuable instrument. You can place it either directly under the soundhole for easy access with a long, small flathead screwdriver or you can hide it deeper in your guitar.

This system does not require any destructive alteration of your guitar other than the installation of the endpin jack.