Fender Classic Celluloid 351 Guitar Pick




Thin Medium


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ปิ๊กกีตาร์ Fender Classic Celluloid

ทรง 351 ยอดนิยมตลอดกาล

ความหนา : Thin และ Medium

มี 4 สี : กระ (Shell) , ขาว (White), สีผสม (Confetti), ดำ (Black)

Celluloid is the premier pick material. Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone. Often called the Fender® pick, the 351 shape is the pick most associated with Fender. A wider body and a rounded tip have made this pick a favorite with players of every style.

Gauges : Thin & Medium

Colors : Shell, White, Confetti, Black