K&K Hot Harmonica Pickup



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Hot Harmonica Pickup สำหรับฮาร์โมนิกา ใช้ติดที่ตัวบอดี้ 

The Hot Harmonica is a single-head piezo transducer, especially designed to amplify the harmonica.

Although the harmonica could be considered a wind instrument, which normally can't be easily amplified with pickups, the Hot Harmonica produces impressing results. For the harmonica a piezo transducer is an excellent method of transmission because the harmonica's sound is not exclusively defined by air vibration, but also by a certain amount of vibration of the instrument itself.

Accurate installation achieves best sound results. For smaller instruments, we suggest installation on the casing of the harmonica, as shown in the picture. Finger tapping should be avoided with this pickup position, since it will be amplified as well. With bigger instruments, we recommend installation inside of the harmonica, directly on the reed block. Finger tapping noise is not a problem with this pickup position.