ASTEROPE Pro Studio Series XLRs




10 ft. 15 ft. 20 ft.

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The Asterope Pro Studio Series XLRs provide greater clarity, transparency, bandwidth and harmonic response. Asterope XLRs are built with extensive braided shielding, a durable exterior jacketing to protect the integrity of the architecture of the conductors, ultra-pure silver solder, and undergo a proprietary process to enhance clarity and electron flow. 

NOTE:  Asterope cables are DIRECTIONAL >>

  • Rugged XLR cable
  • Gold conductors for durability and excellent conductivity
  • 95% cross-braided tin copper shielding for outstanding resistance to noise and interference
  • Directional twin-axial 99.9% ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper for exceptional signal transmission
  • Extra durable, full-flex, pressurized PVC jacketing provides superior conductor stabilization and abrasion resistance
  • All components designed and manufactured in the USA
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