Kepma ES36 Mini Acoustic Guitar with gig bag




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Kepma ES36 is a 36-inch mini guitar. Its mini body shape and shorter effective string length make it easier for players to play.


Model ES36
Colour : Natural
Effective chord length : 596.9mm
Bracing : X sound beam
Pickguard : None
Nut & Saddle : Plastic
Trussrod : Two-way adjustment 
Bag : Black cloth bag 
Binding : ABS ring pattern
Top : Sitka spruce Laminate
Back & sides : Mahogany Laminate
Painted back side panel : PE + PU matte
Color : Wood color
Top paint : PU matte
Nut width : 43mm
Neck edging : ABS
Handle way : Dovetail
Neck material : Natoki
Neck reinforcement : none
Bridge material : Rosewood
Bridge pin : ABS
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Fingerboard inlay : Acrylic
Shank tail patch : ABS
Head paint : PU matte
Head patch : HPL
Head logo : decal
Headpiece inlay : none
Head decoration line : none
Giveaway : Adjustment wrench


Model ES36E เพิ่มภาคไฟฟ้า K10 Transacoustic Pickup